Reveal CT80 EDS

Explosives Detection System

A local startup developed a new X-ray imaging and automatic explosives detection system for airport luggage screening. The system features a proprietary dual-energy computed tomography (CT) technology to measure both density and atomic number to automatically detect explosives with high accuracy and a low false-alarm rate. They hired Eagle Lake Systems to create a comprehensive[…]

Miniature Compressor

Miniature Compressor

Our client manufactures small, DC-powered, variable speed, rotary compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Our challenge was to develop a new test & measurement solution for R & D and production testing of compressor performance under a wide range of loads and environmental operating conditions. Eagle Lake designed, integrated, and deployed a LabVIEW-based automated[…]


Fluid Conditioning Systems

Our compressor client developed a small, portable, personal cooling system for a military application. Our task was to develop an automated test & measurement solution for production testing of the Fluid Conditioning Module performance under a wide range of loads and environmental operating conditions. The key system performance parameter – ∆T, the temperature difference between the liquid[…]

Fuel Cell Reforming

Our client is a recognized leader in the production of systems that enable high-efficiency fuel cells to operate directly on conventional fuels, bypassing the need for on-site hydrogen generation, storage, and dispensing. Their systems convert energy-dense liquid fuels such as diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, and kerosene into hydrogen-rich synthesis gas to power fuel cell[…]