I/P Transducers

Our client, an industry leader in analytical instruments and scientific equipment, manufactures solid state current-to-pressure (I/P) transducers to provide reliable electronic input signal conversion in the most demanding industrial environments. These rugged and compact I/P transducers use minimal electrical energy and air consumption to convert an electronic input signal to a proportional pneumatic output signal. […]

Wellbore Simulator

Our client, a local engineering consulting firm, developed a research device that can accurately and repeatedly simulate a variety of extreme oil-well conditions and measure the effects on cement as it cures. This innovative oil exploration research and development tool simulates the temperature, pressure, and local permeability of rock formations miles below the surface in[…]

Reveal CT80 EDS

Explosives Detection System

A local startup developed a new X-ray imaging and automatic explosives detection system for airport luggage screening. The system features a proprietary dual-energy computed tomography (CT) technology to measure both density and atomic number to automatically detect explosives with high accuracy and a low false-alarm rate. They hired Eagle Lake Systems to create a comprehensive[…]

Miniature Compressor

Miniature Compressor

Our client manufactures small, DC-powered, variable speed, rotary compressors for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Our challenge was to develop a new test & measurement solution for R & D and production testing of compressor performance under a wide range of loads and environmental operating conditions. Eagle Lake designed, integrated, and deployed a LabVIEW-based automated[…]


Fluid Conditioning Systems

Our compressor client developed a small, portable, personal cooling system for a military application. Our task was to develop an automated test & measurement solution for production testing of the Fluid Conditioning Module performance under a wide range of loads and environmental operating conditions. The key system performance parameter – ∆T, the temperature difference between the liquid[…]

Fuel Cell Reforming

Our client is a recognized leader in the production of systems that enable high-efficiency fuel cells to operate directly on conventional fuels, bypassing the need for on-site hydrogen generation, storage, and dispensing. Their systems convert energy-dense liquid fuels such as diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, and kerosene into hydrogen-rich synthesis gas to power fuel cell[…]