Fuel Cell Reforming

Fuel Cell Reformer:

Our client is a recognized leader in the production of systems that enable high-efficiency fuel cells to operate directly on conventional fuels, bypassing the need for on-site hydrogen generation, storage, and dispensing. Their systems convert energy-dense liquid fuels such as diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, and kerosene into hydrogen-rich synthesis gas to power fuel cell systems. Removal of sulfur from hydrocarbon fuels is a key step in the utilization of fossil fuels in fuel cells, as sulfur is a strong fuel cell poison and contributes to environmental pollution.

Our challenge was to provide the automatic control systems for highly efficient logistic fuel desulfurization & reformer systems and to support the integration with SOFC fuel cell systems.

Eagle Lake designed, integrated, and deployed real-time measurement and control platforms for more than six generations of systems with increasing complexity. We leveraged the power and dependability of NI data acquisition modules, real-time controller hardware, and LabVIEW RT software to develop safe, reliable, fully automated systems that could run uninterrupted for months.

Our modular architecture approach enabled a high level of code reuse between successive designs, reducing risk and reduced development time.