Software Engineering

Managing complex engineering projects requires experience, commitment, and strong leadership from start to finish. Our Project Managers use proven methods to structure and guide your project successfully through each phase. For large projects, we focus on completing well-defined work-products and deliverables – not expensive stacks of paper.

Too many engineers focus only on the applications and systems and often overlook the important people and process issues associated with real success. Managing the process of change becomes critical to project success.

At Eagle Lake Systems, our Project Managers, Architects, and Engineers build & integrate systems jointly with clients. We anticipate barriers to success early in the process and plan for cross-functional communications, customized training, and targeted incentive rewards to ensure that not only does the system work as expected, but that it is accepted and welcomed by informed, trained, and motivated end-users.

Pyramid of Resistance
Project Management
At Eagle Lake Systems, we use proven agile methods to discover not just your Functional Requirements — what your system must do — but more importantly, we explore your Nonfunctional Requirements — the constraints on how the system must perform in the real world — to avoid surprises later.
Issue & Bug Tracking
We use best-in-class collaboration tools, such as FogBugz from Fog Creek Software,  a cloud-based system for task management, issue & bug tracking, and documentation. We especially like how FogBugz integrates with Kiln for cloud-based distributed code management.
Source Code Control
Source code version control is a critical tool for software development. At Eagle Lake, we prefer the Distributed Concurrent Versions System (DCVS) approach, using either Git or Mercurial, hosted with Kiln from Fog Creek Software which integrates seamlessly with FogBugz.

Still using Subversion, Visual SourceSafe, or Perforce? Ask us why you should switch! Contact us to see how we can help migrate your repositories to a DCVS in the cloud with Git / Mercurial.